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Reduce Domestic Violence Program.
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Thanapara Swallows Development Society (TSDS) has been working in border with India West Bengal and in this area of Bangladesh people have high divorce rate. If there is any conflict in a family, the husband very normally divorces his wife and move to India to work and stay there. Many times also the husband tries to get married to another woman.

According to Bangladesh law, if husband divorces his wife, he has to pay food and stay with her for a period of time. He also has to pay her an amount of money. But as most of them are from poor family, the wife does not go to court to fight and as the husband moves to another country it is very difficult to do anything.

The other critical social problem in our society is domestic violence. The most common form of domestic violence in Bangladesh continues to be from the husband. According to a Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics survey conducted in 2015, more than 80.2% of married women have suffered some form of violence from their husbands whether it is physical, sexual, economic or emotional abuse.

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flag Bangladesh - (Thanapara Swallows Development Society)

Thanapara Swallows Development Society (TSDS) made a survey about Primary Education in rural area and found out that only 15% of children go to school and out of that number, 25% drop out.

The reasons why the children don’t attend schools differ?
- For most of them, it’s difficult to reach the school because of long distances from home and due to bad conditions during the monsoon season.
- Their families consider education is not an interesting matter for them.
- Children find that normal school is boring (it’s only teaching, teaching, teaching).

To change this situation, TSDS together with an international non-governmental organization called BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) started Non Formal Primary Education to provide education to rural disadvantaged children who do not go to school or drop out from the school during the first year. Schools are built in remote areas to ensure school attendance of all children in the district.

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